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Let's Launch the Future. 

Western Cyber Society is a tight-knit community of Western Students ready to make an impact in Tech. We are committed to excelling our members with exclusive career opportunities, valuable resources, and a supportive network. 

Ready to dive in? Join the action now!

Western Cyber Society has two streams of membership to best suit your ambitions. 

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To become a General Member follow our Instagram or Join our Discord. 

Join our Innovator Team

CALLING ALL INNOVATORS! Expand your skillset and showcase your work by developing digital solutions with our team. WCS Projects are an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on experience in high-demand software and skills. Get involved in WCS and TTE and join a student SIP team.  (no experience required)

Join our Executive Team

Western Cyber Society hires on a need basis all year round.  Tune into our Instagram and Discord for hiring updates. Join the VIP community and be the first to hear about Executive Opportunities. 

Thank you for your interest in Western Cyber Society. We are so excited to be working with such an incredible team this year. WCS was founded to fill the need for stronger support for Western students pursuing careers in technology. We are focusing on the most pivotal sectors of tech, to best set up members for the future: AI, Cyber Security, Web3, and GRC. WCS is committed to providing students with opportunities to enhance their portfolios, expand their networks, and jumpstart their careers. By joining Western Cyber Society, you are joining a community of passionate and ambitious Western students, ready to become the future leaders of Technology. "


Madison Lo 


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