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"Hello Western students. It is a pleasure to connect with you all on this phenomenon journey we are embarking on together. At Western Cyber Society, we are embarking on another journey at Western that has never been done before; we're launching the future by bringing the most pivotal and innovative sectors of modern industry to Western students like yourselves and providing an opportunity to present your brilliant work to industry professionals and executives from all over North America. "

Nicolas Mingorance-Geraldo

co-Founder and President

Launch Meeting 2023


Our student innovations projects are specially designed to take what the market needs and prepare you for that work should that be in a fortune 500 company, local innovation studio or even your own startup; the skills you will learn in WCS will give you a step up from other candidates and will prepare you to speak with WCS'S network of industry professionals and executives we have advising us on out journey.

Welcome Dinner 2023

Workshops and Booths